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Freshman US History

In this year-long course, freshmen will explore major events in US History from the Civil War and Reconstruction, to the end of the Cold War. Students will hone the skills of primary document analysis, historical interpretation, critical thinking, and analytical writing.

US History Syllabus.pdf US History Syllabus.pdf
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In this semester-long course, students will explore the study of human interaction, relationships, and social structure. Within the class, students will be introduced to the elements of socialization, culture, social stratification, and deviance.

Sociology Syllabus Fall 2015.pdf Sociology Syllabus Fall 2015.pdf
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Contemporary Issues

In this semester- long course, students will observe and understand current events with a global, national, and local perspective. Students will gain media skills and communication skills while analyzing world events and exploring the impact of world events on individual members of society.

Contemporary Issues Syllabus.pdf Contemporary Issues Syllabus.pdf
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